Armenia Clients Satisfied And Ordered After Visiting Mingyi’s Factory

 We have many years of experience in the foreign trade business, and thanks to the excellent quality of our pipe processing machine, we have a particular reputation abroad. A lot of foreign clients will contact us through SNS, such as Facebook and TikTok.

On June 14, 2021, a customer in Armenia found us through Facebook to inquire about tube taper machine. We confirmed the information about the machine as model, mold size, etc., with him. A few more days later, one of his partners called Micheal living in China contacted us that he would like to visit to our factory to see the machine as a representative. Then we made an appointment.

When Michael visited our factory, our technicians and salespersons introduced him the history and scale of our factory, the accessories, functions, and uses, etc. Then we showed the suitable machine according to the size of the pipe which he wanted.

The client was checking the molds
Checking molds

Michael saw the scale of our factory, the operation process, and the sample tubes, and he felt it was perfect. Then he discussed the price with us and finally confirmed the order.

The sample metal pipes and the mold of tube taper machine
Sample tubes
The machine was packed and waiting for shipping
His machine was packed and waiting for shipping

 We believe taking a factory visit is an excellent way to make the right decision. Welcome to visit us, or ask your friend in China to do so.

Want to know more about the machines before making the desicion? Check them on our website:

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