Beautify The Sofa Legs into Amazing Floral Shape with Tube Embossing Machine

Sofa in the Room

In the interior, such as the living room or bedroom, a sofa in a gorgeous or modern design might be one of the most eye-catching parts. It expresses the amazing ideas of designers and the taste of room owners just as other furniture in the space, or maybe more because of its larger volume.

Some sofas are equipped with legs, and the legs are also one important part of their structure as well as design.

If you are a furniture manufacturer cooperating with furniture merchants, sometimes you may probably meet a problem: you need a large number of formed tubes in different stylish shapes to manufacture the legs for sofas in order to satisfy your clients and furtherer customers, who want to purchase a nice sofa for their room.

Then our tube embossing machines would be your good helper with their wide possibilities for forming pipes into stylish shapes.

Beautify The Sofa Legs into Amazing Floral Shape with Tube Embossing Machine

Tube Embossing Machine: Shaping the Pipes into Artistic Shapes

Our tube embossing machine can form metal pipes into artistic shapes, and some of the shapes look embossed florally, just as the other name of the machine called: flower pipe machine.

short sofa leg samples made by tube embossing machine
The sofa leg samples made by our tube embossing machines have beautiful floral shape

Types of Tube Embossing Machines and Their Features

Currently, we provide 2 types of tube embossing machines: manual tube embossing machine and full automatic tube embossing machine.

As you can know by their names, the main difference between them is the operation: whether the machine shall be operated manually or automatically. What’s more, their other features, especially their efficiency, are substantially same.

Machine TypeOperationEfficiency1Price Range(USD)2
Forming Length (mm)Speed for Forming one pipe (sec)Minimum Production per Day (pcs)3
Manual Tube Embossing MachineManual loading & forming290-5403-301506000-20000
Full Automatic Tube Embossing MachineAutomatic loading & forming290-5203-3020011000-27000
1 2 The actual performance and price of the machine depend on its model.
3 6 meters long pipe as an example.

What Shapes Can the Machine Form for the Metal Pipes?

Our R&D team has designed more than 90 embossed styles, and you also can discover more possibilities through the customization of molds. Contact us for advice!

the available finished product samples of tube embossing machine
More shapes are available through customization of molds

How to Make Sofa Legs in Stylish Floral Shape with Tube Embossing Machine?

Satisfying Production and Easy Operation

No worry about the quality, quantity, or shape of the pipes, which our tube embossing machine forms don’t meet your expectations and requirements for manufacturing sofa legs, and also no need to worry the operation of the machine.

What you shall prepare, is the suitable machine and molds according to your production plans and designs of furniture legs. Equip the mold on the machine, then form the raw material with the processing machine. Then you will see the pipes are formed into satisfying stylish floral shapes as the mold shows.

The following video will show you how it works.

Perhaps You Might Need Other Assisted Machines…

This situation may happen sometimes: you form long pipes into emboss shapes successfully with our tube embossing machine, but actually, the shorter formed pipes are needed because of the design of sofas. Then our pipe cutting machine will help!


The sofa is an important item for interior design, and its legs also express its sense of design. If you have a big demand for metal pipes in stylish embossed shapes for manufacturing sofa legs, our tube embossing machine will be your ideal helper.

Choose the suitable tube embossing machine and the molds according to your need, form the original round pipes by using the machine, then the pipes will get embossed smoothly. The machine sizes and molds are also customizable for your business need!

If you have an interest in our pipe processing machines, just feel free to contact us for professional advice!

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