Discover The Easy Operation of Using Mingyi’s Metal Pipe Processing Machines While Ensuring Efficiency

The Importance of Easy Operation in Metal Pipe Forming

The metal pipe processing machines shall be the necessary devices in the metal pipe forming. To Ensure efficiency in processing, it requires the techniques of the machines: whether they provide the possibilities for the people to operate the machines to swage the metal pipes accurately and effortlessly while keeping the increased productivity and avoiding mistakes in operations which may cause accidents.

Explore The Forming Techniques of Mingyi’s Metal Pipe Processing Machines

As a professional machine manufacturer in the metal pipe swaging industry with 15 years of experience, Mingyi Machinery realizes the necessity of the easy operation of machines while ensuring productivity, so our R&D team has innovated and developed our metal pipe processing machines with the latest techniques.

For example, the molds of Mingyi’s tube taper machines are clamped in the machines with 4 wedge-shaped irons inside, which adjust the squeeze angle before squeezing. When the machine is on, the motor works and drives the molds to rotate and extrude around the pipe to taper it.

This working principle brings simple operation to Mingyi’s tube taper machines. Operators just need to load the metal pipe into the machine, switch on it, then the machine tapers it effortlessly.

The easy operation of the machine can ensure the efficiency in metal pipe processing
The easy operation of machine can ensure the efficiency in metal pipe processing

How Do The Operators Use Our Machines to Swage Metal Pipes Easily While Keeping Productivity?

There are 3 types of metal pipe processing machines from Mingyi classified by their operations: manual machines, semi-automatic machines, and fully automatic machines.

OperationManual machineSemi-automatic machineFully automatic machine
Loading & unloading materialsmanualmanualautomatic

Currently, we provide manual machines and fully automatic machines for tube taper machines and tube embossing machines, while others are semi-automatic operation: operators need to load or/and unload the metal pipes on the machines manually, and the machines process them automatically.

No matter for the manual machines, semi-automatic machines or the fully automatic machines, their high efficiency in forming is still impressive.

Tube taper machine
Machine TypeManual tube taper machineSemi-automatic tube taper machineFull automatic tube taper machine
Molding time (s)5-1015-3010
Productivity per day (pcs)2000-40001500-20003000-4000
Tube embossing machine
Machine TypeManual tube embossing machineFull automatic tube embossing machine
Molding time (s)13-15/8-20/10-303-15/8-20/10-30
Minimum productivity per day (pcs)2150200
1 The exact molding time depends on the size of the machine and the length of the pipe.
2 The metal pipe in 6 meters long as example.

In the following video, you can see the easy operations of Mingyi’s metal pipe processing machines: even the operation of the manual machines is simple as well.


The machines, which allow people to operate easily, can offer more efficiency in metal pipe forming.

Mingyi’s metal pipe processing machines are developed with the latest techniques by our R&D team, so they can work smoothly while the operation they require is simple.

No matter the manual machines or the fully automatic machines, operators can use them easily and quickly to form metal pipes for further production, which ensures high productivity and shall satisfy the manufacturers.

If you would like to get more information about our metal pipe processing machines, just contact us and we would be glad to provide you with professional advice.

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