Discover The Manufacturing of Lamp Posts with Mingyi’s Metal Pipe Processing Machines

Lamp Posts in Outdoor Design

In outdoor design, lamp posts play a necessary role, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal to the streets and gardens.

These structures illuminate the roads, ensuring safety and security during the night, and their elegant or simple designs complement the architectural style to the surrounding buildings.

Due to their important effect, the manufacturers will use durable metal materials and advanced machinery to ensure the high quality of lamp posts for long-term use.

Discover the manufacturing of lamp posts with Mingyi’s metal pipe processing machines

Metal Pipe Processing Machines in Lamp Post Production

The metal pipe processing machines from Mingyi, which are often used in lamppost production, include semi-automatic tube taper machines and tube embossing machines.

As one type of Mingyi’s tube taper machine, semi-automatic tube taper machine requires manual loading and unloading, which means it is necessary for you to load the metal pipe on the machine before forming and take it off after forming. In fact, this operation provides the operators the possibility to adjust the forming length for a more flexible production.

And if you need to form some aesthetic shapes for lampposts, the tube embossing machines and their various molds can help. No matter for the bodies or the bases, there will be suitable machine sizes and molds for your production needs.

What’s more, the one-step forming feature of the machines and the molds which are processed by CNC machining centers make sure that the finished products get formed effortlessly and durably. 

Different styles of lamppost can be formed by using the metal pipe processing machines correctly

Process of Making Metal Lamp Posts by Using Metal Pipe Processing Machines

How to use the metal pipe processing machines to process the lampposts, which are mentioned above? The following video will answer.


To make the lampposts to decorate outdoor areas like streets and gardens, the manufacturers will consider durable materials and machines to ensure quality and durability. Then Mingyi’s metal pipe processing machines can be the choice.

Mingyi’s semi-automatic tube taper machines and tube embossing machines are efficient helpers in lamppost manufacturing. No matter for the bodies or the bases, the aesthetic or the simple designs, Mingyi’s metal pipe processing machines can meet production expectations.

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