Exquisite Bed Frame Decorative Pipes Made by Mingyi’s Metal Tube Embossing Machine

Benefits of Using Decorative Pipes in Bed Frames

Decorative pipes are popular in furniture manufacturing, including bed frames with headboards or/and footboards.

One reason of using decorative pipes in bedsteads is appearances. According to the furniture design requirements, the decorative pipes are formed into various sizes and shapes. No matter whether you need a modern or a simple style, there will be suitable decorative pipes to meet your expectations.

Making Beautiful Embossed Bed Frame Decorative Pipes by Using Mingyi's Metal Tube Embossing Machine

Mingyis Tube Embossing Machines Contribute to Bedsteads Manufacturing

Mingyi’s tube embossing machines are widely used in bed frame manufacturing with great contributions because of their extensive forming shapes, high efficiency, and stable forming quality.

More forming shapes are waiting for your discovery
More forming shapes are waiting for your discovery

Multiple Forming Shapes

The tube embossing machines are specially designed for swaging metal pipes into aesthetic embossed floral shapes, which are suitable for decorative pipes.

It is possible to customize the molds, so there are more possibilities for the tube embossing machines to swage different shapes to the pipes.

High Efficiency

The equipped high-quality servo motor achieves high working efficiency for the machine. The type of machine, that is usually used for forging decorative pipes takes approximately 8-20 seconds* to process one pipe.

*The exact forming time depends on the size of metal pipe as well as the design of mold.

Stable Forming Quality

The tube embossing machines work with hydraulic forming and the molds produced by CNC machining centers, so the forming of the machine is accurate and durable.

How Do The Manufacturers Use Metal Tube Embossing Machines to Make Decorative Pipes?

Many furniture manufacturers, including IKEA, choose Mingyi’s tube embossing machines for manufacturing in order to quickly obtain high-quality, stylish decorative tubes in an efficient molding method.

Let us show you an example of the forming of decorative pipes for bed frames with Mingyi’s tube embossing machine.


Decorative pipes often play an important role in bed frames manufacturing, since they provide great visual benefits and beautify the rooms well.

The performances of Mingyi’s tube embossing machines make them popular in decorative pipe production: various available forming shapes, increased efficiency, and stable processing quality.

The machines actually help many furniture manufacturers who need a lot of special-formed metal pipes to manufacture bed frames achieve their production goals.

If you are furniture manufacturer looking for efficient equipment to meet the production demands of decorative pipes for bedsteads, contact us for more details about the metal pipe swaging machines!

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