Forming Different Stylish Metal Pipes for Indoor & Outdoor Decorations with Pipe Processing Machines

Decorative Pipes in Indoor & Outdoor Decorations

Many people like to do some indoor and outdoor decorations for their houses to create a more comfortable and artistic living atmosphere. The windows and doors are the parts of the spaces, and even balconies, stairs and fences of gardens are no exception.

You will be attracted by the excellent exterior and interior designs, no matter whether you are living, staying, or just passing by there.

Then the pipes in stylish designs will play their important roles to make the items more special.

For example, you can see the staircases and fences of gardens using decorative pipes as newels and balusters.

As a manufacturer working in related industries, you may need a big number of metal pipes in different shapes or designs to manufacture decorative pipes for the house decorations to satisfy your clients, but what machines can help you solve this problem efficiently?

In this situation, our pipe processing machine will be the answer.

Decorative metal pipes formed in different stylish shapes are used in indoor designs & outdoor decorations widely
Decorative metal pipes formed in different stylish shapes are used in indoor designs & outdoor decorations widely

Mingyi’s Pipe Forming Machine Product Lines & How Do They Work

Our pipe forming machine product lines for producing different stylish metal pipes includes tube embossing machines, tube twisting machines, and square machine.

They all provide the functions to form the metal pipes into artistic shapes, and the technologies of forming machines and the designs of forming molds are all developed by our R&D team.

With our pipe forming machines, there will be no more worry that the quality or outputs of formed metal pipes don’t meet the production requirements.

Tube Embossing Machine

The tube embossing machine is one of the specialized pipe processing machines for forming tubes into embossed floral shapes.

Metal pipes formed by tube embossing machine. More shapes are available by mold customization.
Metal pipes formed by tube embossing machine. More shapes are available by mold customization.

It provides one-step forming, and the molding time takes a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds (the exact processing time is decided by the type of machines, the length, and the material of metal pipes).

What’s more, the molds can be customized, which means you can order the molds from us according to the requirement of the design.

With the high efficiency and wide forming possibilities, we believe that the tube embossing machine will be the main assistor for you to form the different stylish decorative pipes.

We will take an example that might be one of the most common uses of our tube embossing machine: the balusters of staircases with the following video, to show you how the machine works for forming decorative pipes.

Tube Twisting Machine

The tube twisting machine forms the metal pipes to eye-catching twist design as its name calls.

Its forming time takes only about 5-10 seconds, and the radian of twisted tubes is decided by the claws of molds: the fewer the claws are, the wider the radians are. And it is possible to adjust it by changing the molds, whose customizations are available on our side as well.

So you can get various twisted metal pipes by using our tube twisting machine and the molds.

Square Machine

The tube square machine processes the metal pipes from their original round shapes into more elegant and popular square shapes.

One of the most outstanding advantages of our square machines is their efficiency. If the metal tubes with 1 meter in length as an example, the machines can process more than 300 pieces per day.

Usually, it is used in metal pipe forming with tube embossing machine. Their cooperation brings the metal pipes more artistic designs.

Where Can The Manufacturers Use The Formed Metal Pipes to Decorate Houses?

Thanks to the excellent designs, we can see the decorative metal pipes everywhere inside and outside the houses.

Following are some examples. Maybe you would come up with more inspiration!


The metal pipes formed in stylish designs are used widely in the items manufacturing for indoor and outdoor decorations, such as balusters, gateposts, rods in the frame of beds, etc.

So if you as a manufacturer working in the related industries, you may need a big number of formed metal pipes in various stylish shapes quickly to manufacture the items.

Then our pipe processing machines for decorative metal pipes, including tube embossing machine, tube twisting machine, and square machine can help.

Tube embossing machine forms the metal pipes into artistic embossed shapes. Tube twisting machine forms them with twist design. Square machine processes them into square shapes. And you can even get different shapes by changing molds, which you can custom from us.

Do the pipe forming machines interest you? Contact us for more details!

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