From Machines to Customized Molds: Tube Embossing Machine Meets Your Expectations to Decorative Pipes

We participate in a lot of machinery fairs and furniture exhibitions

We always actively participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions, such as aluminum door and window architectural decoration exhibitions, to introduce our pipe processing machine.

So a lot of manufacturers in the stair handrails industry know that the tube embossing machine from Mingyi is a good choice to process stair handrails and various decorative tubes.

Paiyahao Aluminum Co., Ltd. is the largest stair railing manufacturer in Guangdong. They specialize in aluminum art processing and have a large-scale factory. In April 2019, They found our website on Baidu and contacted our sales executive.

They told us that Paiyahao Aluminum was processing aluminum alloy round tubes and wood grain (heat transfer wood grain) aluminum alloy round tubes, and sent us the pictures of their stair handrails, then consulted: could those types of tubes be processed with machines from Mingyi? How did they operate the machines? Could Mingyi prove it to them? Could they visit Mingyi’s factory?

We sincerely invited them to visit our factory with their sample tubes for checking.

They came to our factory and brought two stair handrails that they made (one painted in color, and the other one in thermal transfer wood grain). Both were made of aluminum.

The samples of embossed pipes, which are formed by our tube embossing machine
Our sample tubes
The client was checking the samples of embossed metal pipes
Comparing samples

They planned to open more molds and make aluminum handrails in different sizes and designs. They checked some sample tubes embossed in the middle, square on both sides and asked us if there was a machine that could process tubes to this square shape, so we showed them the other machines used in processing aluminum handrails.

The clients wanted to know if our machine could process the tubes to the shapes they needed.

We estimated their samples, then opened the mold to make the design and specifications they wanted.

Opening the molds for tube embossing machine

After the mold opened, we sent the samples to the customer.

They were satisfied with the quality of the sample, and placed the order directly with us. They purchased several products, including tube embossing machines, square pulling machine, and models.

Mingyi's pipe processing machines work in client's workshop well
Machine from Mingyi in the client’s factory

Now, when Paiyahao Aluminum wants to make new patterns, they always choose to repurchase the tube machines from us.

And our designers will be always on call for debugging when needed.

They appreciate that we provide them with machines and services of outstanding quality, and they will often visit us at the exhibitions.

Maybe you would like to know more about our tube embossing machines too!

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