How to Get Tapered Pentagonal Metal Pipes to Fabricate Stylish Table Legs

Our Metal Pipe Forming Machines Do More in Furniture Legs Manufacturing

We introduced the different available shapes which our cone square machine can form for the metal pipes for manufacturing furniture legs in our previous post: How to Make Home or Office Furniture Legs with Tube Taper Machine and Cone Square Machine?

Through the article, you might stand the main features, operations, and application of the two pipe forming machines preliminarily.

But our pipe processing machines can do more in furniture manufacturing. In this article, we will tell you how to produce tapered pentagonal metal pipes to fabricate the table legs.

Tapered pentagonal metal pipes for table legs
The pentagon shape of the furniture legs will make the table look more special
The pentagon shape of the furniture legs will make the table look more special.

Stylish Pentagon in Metal Pipe Design

Different from the square or round shapes, which are used widely in furniture legs manufacturing, the tapered pentagon shape brings a unique look to the metal pipes, so the tables and chairs using tapered pentagonal furniture feet look stylish, and would attract the furniture merchants, your further clients.

Since the appearance of the tapered pentagonal metal pipe is thicker at one end and thiner at the other end, you can determine that it is formed by the tube taper machine and cone square machine, the best-seller machine sets from us.

How to Form the Round Tubes into Tapered Pentagonal Shapes?

In fact, the forming is not very difficult if using our efficient machines.

Let us have a look at a simple instruction in the following video. Process the round pipes into tapered shapes with tube taper machine first, then form them into tapered pentagon shapes with cone square machine.


The cooperation between the tube taper machine and cone square machine provides more possibilities for forming shapes for metal pipes to meet different requirements of furniture legs designs.

No matter whether the tapered square shape or the tapered pentagonal shape, even special tapered shapes, our pipe forming machines set will do for you.

If you need the machines to produce tapered metal pipes to manufacture furniture legs, just feel free to contact us for more professional advice!

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