How to Use The Suitable Metal Pipe Taper Machine to Make Mountain Bike Handlebars

Choose The Correct Machinery to Meet Production Requirement of MTB Handlebars

How to make mountain bike handlebars with the correct equipment quickly? Manufacturers will always prefer the suitable device to help them achieve their goals efficiently.

When we have a look at the appearance of the mountain bike handlebars which are commonly used, we know that the manufacturers need to form the pipes into a shape having two thinner sides, the taper sides.

What’s more, to meet the requirement of its weight and quality, aluminum pipes are often used in MTB handle bars, because the aluminum is light while solid.

According to the requirements about shape and material, we can believe, that a type of machinery, that can form the aluminum pipes into a taper shape, is needed in the production of mountain bike handlebars, which means Mingyi’s metal pipe shrinking machine is the correct choice.

explore the suitable metal pipe shrinking machine to make mountain bike handlebars

Why Choose Mingyi’s Metal Pipe Shrinking Machine?

As the most popular machine of Mingyi Machinery, automatic metal pipe shrinking machine tapers the metal pipes with high precision, durability, and efficiency.

The cast iron head and the stable inner structure bring less vibration in forming, decreasing the possibility that the vibration may affect the structure of finished products and the wear situation of molds, which might influence the quality of finished products as well.

So these designs ensure the metal pipes get formed accurately to meet the production requirement.

The tapered metal pipe sample

The machine not only can form a lot of types of metal pipes, such as stainless steel, iron, and of course aluminum, but also provides high productivity.

For example, when using the fully automatic metal pipe shrinking machine to shrink the iron pipes in about φ50mm diameter to the required size in about 210mm length and φ20mm diameter, the productivity can reach 3000-4000 pcs per day.

Since the actual forming efficiency will be influenced by the material and sizes of pipes, the forging might be quicker while processing the aluminum pipes to make MTB handle bars.

Besides, the shape of MTB handle bars needs manufacturers to form the two sides of materials. Therefore the fully automatic metal pipe tapering machine, whose processing procedures, including loading, forming, and unloading, are all automatic, will be the most labor-saving equipment.

You don’t need to handle the machine all the time due to its fully automatic operation

Demonstration of Manufacturing Mountain Bike Handlebars by Mingyi’s Fully Automatic Metal Pipe Shrinking Machine


The mountain bike handle bars usually have two tapered sides, and sometimes are made of aluminum, a light and solid material.

To ensure the efficiency manufacturing of mountain bike handlebars, the equipment that can form aluminum pipes accurately, quickly, and be labor-saving as possible while forming two sides of pipes is required.

So Mingyi’s fully automatic metal pipe tapering machine is a good choice. The machine design provides highly precision forming and efficient production, and the fully automatic operation makes the shrinking easy.

If you have more questions about the machine, get in touch with us!

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