Making Metal Furniture Legs with Covers by Tube Taper Machine

Taper Shape Design of Metal Furniture Legs

 No matter whether as a buyer, a seller, or a manufacturer, you may notice that some tables and chairs have legs in tapered shape. It is a popular design, which makes the legs and the furniture look to have a stabler and more modern triangle structure.

 The metal cover is an attractive accessory for the metal furniture legs too. This design not only protects its end, avoiding damage to the legs and the floor but also makes the legs more elegant.

From the metal pipes to furniture legs
From tapered pipes to furniture legs

As a manufacturer, if you need a big amount of metal pipes to manufacture furniture legs with taper shape and their covers, we believe, that our tube taper machine would be the perfect choice for you to deal with the issue.

The metal furniture legs with covers, made by our tube taper machine
The metal furniture legs with covers, made by our tube taper machine

The Pipe Processing Helper: Tube Taper Machine

 There are three types of tube taper machines from us: manual tube taper machine, semi-automatic tube taper machine, and full automatic tube taper machine.

What are Their Differences and Advantages?

We will introduce the differences between the three types of tube taper machines mainly by these two sides: the operation and the efficiency.

The Machine TypeOperationEfficiencyPrice Range (USD)
*The actual price depends on the machine type.
Speed for Forming One Pipe (sec)Production per Day (pcs)
Manual Tube Taper MachineManual loading & forming3-52000-40004,500-1,1000
Semi-Automatic Tube Taper MachineManual loading, automatic forming15-301500-200012,000-21,000
Full Automatic Tube Taper MachineAutomatic loading & forming5-83000-40008,000-25,000

By this information, you may see that the forming speed of the manual tube taper machine is the quickest, while it needs a full manual operation. The full automatic tube taper machine can process more pipes per day than the other types and is also the most labor-saving one. The semi-automatic tube taper machine processes fewer metal pipes at a slower speed, but it may make a great effect when you want to control the material loading in forming.

You don’t need to operate them all the time if you use automatic pipe forming machines
You don’t need to operate them all the time if you use automatic pipe forming machines

What Types of Furniture Legs Can The Metal Pipes in Tapered Shapes Be Manufactured?

You can actually manufacture various types of furniture legs with tapered metal pipes as the requirement of your designs.

Following are some of our samples. Hope they can give you inspiration, or you can contact us directly for more ideas!

Samples of our tapered metal furniture legs

How to Make Metal Furniture Legs with Covers in Tapered Shapes?

Then you may ask: how to form the pipes with the tube taper machines to manufacture the metal furniture legs with covers?

The answer is easy: form the furniture legs and covers separately, then combine them.

The following video will show you the process.


At the end, we can do a review: the metal leg in a tapered shape with a cover is a popular design of furniture, and the manufacturing method with our tube taper machine is simple:

Just preparing the material, forming them into taper shape manually or automatically by the machine, combining the legs and covers you get, then the beautiful metal furniture legs with covers are made.

Do you also feel interested in or need that? Contact us for more professional advice about pipe processing machines!

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