Meeting International Standard: How Good Is Our Tube Taper Machine?

Why can the tube taper machine become one of our best sellers? One reason is that it meets the international clients’ standard for excellence in its design, functionality, and performance. Like the other machines, it has outstanding quality and durability, designed and manufactured our new technology and development.

When you need machines for processing metal pipes for manufacturing furniture, automobiles, kitchenware, or for other industries, our tube taper machine would be your good choice, delivering the reliable and best results for your business goals.

The furniture legs often uses tapered metal pipes

Then you may ask: how good is your tube taper machine? Now we will introduce its advantages as follows.

high quality cast iron head of tube taper machine

The 5 cm cast iron machine head with high quality, low noise, and good sound insulation but having high hardness and strength, difficult to deform.

The 4 pcs set mold all together in CNC Engraving vacuum heat treatment is more durable and more wear-resistant, having longer service life.

set mold of tube taper machine
No wrinkle on surface of formed metal pipes processed by tube taper machine

The processed pipes have a smooth surface without any wrinkles.

The pipe guide is equipped.

pipe guide of tube taper machine
the clip of the tube taper machine ensures safer operation.

The clip makes it safer to operate the machine.

electrical tube sheaths of tube taper machine

The electrical tubes are equipped with sheaths tidily.

tube sheaths of tube taper machine
The electric box of the tube taper machine is welded well.

The electric box is welded well. And the lines in the electric box are clean, set trimly, and marked clearly.

Lines in electric box of tube taper machine

We are a professional manufacturer of pipe processing machines with 15 years of experience in manufacturing and development. Contact us for more advice about tube processing for your furniture or building decoration!

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