Mingyi Tube Taper Machine Cooperated with China Top Furniture Factory

Our main products of pipe processing machine are tube taper machines and tube embossing machines. After years of accumulation, we are well-known in the stair handrail and furniture processing industry.

In October 2020, the largest company in Guangdong that makes hardware and furniture feet approached us on TikTok.

The representative introduced their purpose: “Our monthly production capacity is huge, ranging from 10,000 to 100,000. We need a lot of tube tapering machines to process our products. We had previously purchased machines from your counterparts, but their production capacity and other aspects cannot meet our needs, so we plan to change to another manufacturer. Could you please introduce your machines to me?”

The furniture legs in tapered design, and the client wanted to manufacture them
The products which the client wanted to manufacture

We believe that the best way to prove the quality of our machines is to invite customers to visit our factory. While visiting our factory, they checked the production process and the samples and molds made by our tube taper machines. Then we took them to our machine debugging area and took a pipe of their desired specification for taper pipe. They checked the freshly processed sample tube. There was no unevenness, no cracks, and the diameter of the small and large heads fully met their needs, which made them satisfied.

After they indicated the intention of cooperation, the designer drew the blueprints according to the specifications required by the client.

We were loading the machine for shipping to client
Our staff was loading the machine to ship
Our technician was debugging the tube taper machine in client's factory
Our technician was debugging the machine in client’s factory

After a few days of negotiation, the clients understood the advantages of our factory: free delivery, technician on-site debugging, remote operation guidance, etc. They were delighted with our service and finally decided to cooperate.

Our tube taper machines work well in client's factory

We visited their factory after the delivery and were very impressed to see that their factory was full of our machines. The daily output is vast, and each employee is responsible for a machine to process tubes of different specifications.

Afterwards, they repurchased the tube taper machine from us to process more specifications of tapered tubes. When we launch new products, they are always willing to try.

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