Mingyi’s Best Seller Machines to India

First Contact

In November 2021, an Indian customer approached us on WhatsApp and asked us if we could provide information about our pipe processing machines as tube taper machines and cone square machines.

We introduced to him each of our machines one by one, which materials could be processed, and the maximum pipe diameter. According to the size he required, we recommended him a suitable model. He thanked us for our explanation and finally said that his agent would visit our factory and take a look at our machines.

Factory Visit

We prepared everything for the visit. We stocked the machine models that the customer needed, and the molds and machines were ready.

While visiting, the agent directly tested the machine through a video call with the customer. The customer also felt interested in our tube embossing machines.

Finally, the customer decided to order one tube taper machine, one tube embossing machine, and one cone square machine, which are still the best sellers in our factory now.

Preparation and Production

From the time the customer confirmed the order, we started to prepare the needed documents: the operation instructions, the video of the operation to the machines and the molds installation and disassembly, the circuit diagram, the length, width, height, and square number of the machine, fumigation wood box customization, etc.

Machine Testing

Before arranging the delivery, we would test the machine and test the mold for clients.

The customer wanted to process stainless steel and iron tubes at the same time. As per his requirement, we tried two materials for each set of molds and took a video of each step of the testing. The testing took two days.

Finally, we took the sample tubes of each size to go with the machine. After the confirmation from the customer, shipping would be ready.

The agent came again to our factory as well to inspect the goods with the customer via video call.


After the final confirmation, we arranged the shipping.

The three machines were shipped to India and received by the customer smoothly. Their high efficiency and stable quality would satisfy him.

If you need metal pipes with various shapes for furniture manufacturing, our best sellers may help as the article shows:

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