Office Chair Arms Made from Metal Tubes Produced by Tube Forming Machines

Demands of Arms for The Office Chairs

As necessary furniture which people use often in the office environment, stability and comfort are required for the office chairs, so the quality of the frames becomes important.

To produce stable, durable, and ergonomic metal frames for making office chairs, furniture manufacturers may need efficient pipe processing machines, so that they can quickly get a large number of accessories in high-quality such as chair handrails and legs to assemble the frames.

In this article, we will introduce our tube forming machine processing metal pipes to produce arms for office chairs with high efficiency.

Mingyi's tube forming machine can form the office chair arms quickly
Mingyi’s tube forming machine can form the arms for office chairs quickly

Mingyi’s Tube Forming Machine for Furniture Accessories Manufacturing

We can say, our tube forming machine is specially developed for furniture accessories manufacturing.

Various Available Forming Shapes

At least 12 types shapes are available, including the square shape and flat elliptical shape, which are often seen in the arms of office chairs.

High Quality of Finished Products

The tube forming machine provides high process quality. And the molds, which are made by CNC machining centers, ensure the stable forming shapes of the finished products.

Easy and Quick Operation

The molding time of the tube forming machine for processing one metal pipe is about 5-8 seconds.

The one-step forming of the machine requires fewer operations, so the manufacturers can get the formed metal tubes quickly by using the machine for further production.

Possible Process for Different Materials

It is possible for the tube forming machine to process different materials, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper pipes.

Therefore, when the production of office chairs needs different material metal pipes because of the designs, the manufacturers won’t worry whether the processing machine cannot do that if they use our tube forming machine.


For furniture manufacturers who need a lot of high-quality formed metal pipes to produce arms for office chairs, Mingyi’s tube forming machine will be a good solution.

It forms metal pipes of different materials to square shape and flat elliptical shape for the design requirements of most office chairs quickly and ensures the quality of the forming while providing easy operation.

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