Producing Stable Stair Handrails with Tube Forming Machine Easily

Handrails for The Stairs

When you walk up or down the stairs, you may use the handrails to keep your balance and not fall. And some people may prefer putting their hands or arms on the stair handrails to have a rest when their stay on the stairs. No matter what, the handrail is an indispensable architectural part of a stair.

The design of the handrail is usually decided by the style of the staircase. Some outdoor staircases in brief style may be equipped with simple metal handrails, while some indoor stairs would be designed with wider, arcuate handrails to express more sense of softness and safety for the users.

As a manufacturer, are you meeting the problem, that you need to ensure the stable quality of the staircase handrails, which you are going to mass produce, no matter in their length, shapes, and structures, while they should be produced quickly?

No matter whether the answer is yes or no, Mingyi’s tube forming machine is the great solution to that problem.

The forming of the stair handrails, even the newels and balusters are possible with our pipe processing machines
The forming of the handrails, even the newels and balusters are possible with our pipe processing machines

Tube Forming Machine

As one of our best sellers, the tube forming machine is popular among our furniture manufacturer customers because of its wide possibilities for metal pipe forming, high efficiency, and stable processing quality.

Forming different shapes to metal pipes by tube forming machine
available finished shapes of tube forming machine
More forming shapes are available

More Available Shapes than You Think

Our research and development team has designed at least 16 molding shapes for the pipe forming machine, including curved handrail shapes, mountain pipe shapes, arch handrails, and horseshoe handrails that ordinary people may often see on the stair handrails. There are also square four-pointed start shapes, flat elliptical tube shapes, elliptical tube shapes, and triangular tube shapes that can be applied to the feet of furniture.

Same as other pipe forming machines from us, such as tube taper machine and cone square machine, it is also possible to custom the molds to meet your different needs for pipe processing. Contact us for more details about it!

High Efficiency in Forming

The average processing time of the tube forming machine for forming one metal pipe reaches about 5-8 seconds, which means you can get the formed pipes quickly by using the machine.

What’s more, it has no upper limit for the length of the metal pipe, so the machine works without any problem even when you want to form long pipes.

How to Make Stair Handrails with Tube Forming Machine?

Some beginners may feel a bit nervous when seeing the pipe forming machine and plenty of long metal pipes in the workshop, which they shall use to get formed pipes to manufacture stair handrails.

But our tube forming machine will help you achieve your goals easily:

Just load the raw material into the machine (assuming that you have installed the correct mold), then the machine forms the metal tubes automatically. No matter how long the pipes are, it works perfectly meeting your expectation.

The following video shows you how easy the operation of the tube forming machine is when producing staircase handrails.


The handrail is a necessary part of the stair, playing an important role in its structure and design.

If you have the demand of forming a big number of stair handrails, no need to worry if the length or the shape of pipes would be a difficulty in processing because our tube forming machine will complete the mission for you brilliantly.

Prepare the machine, mold, and raw material, load metal round pipes into the pipe processing machine, then it will form them into the shape you need according to the installed mold taking only 5-8 seconds. Molds are also customizable!

If it interests you, just contact us for more details!

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