Producing Taper Square Metal Pipes for Home Furniture Legs with Pipe Processing Machines

Square Pipes Everywhere in The House

Square shape may be one of the most popular designs of modern furniture legs. No matter whether in living rooms or bedrooms, you can see the square pipes used as home furniture legs: for storage cabinets, tea tables, dining tables, dining chairs, sofas, etc.

Sometimes the furniture designs might require more different square shapes for the legs. For example, the square pipes with taper shapes: one side thicker and the other side slimmer. It would be a fashion design bringing the furniture lighter appearance.

Producing taper square metal pipes for home furniture legs with pipe processing machines
Using Mingyi’s efficient tube taper machine and cone square machine to speed up home furniture legs production
Using Mingyi’s efficient tube taper machine and cone square machine to speed up home furniture legs production.

How to Get Taper Square Furniture Legs?

Then here comes the question: how to get plentiful metal pipes, which are formed into taper and square shapes, for manufacturing legs of furniture, such as cabinets, tables, and chairs, when you are a furniture manufacturer who is going to produce for your furniture merchant clients?

You shall be impressed by the high efficiency and the various available forming shapes for the pipes of our metal pipe processing machines when you have read our previous posts about them as How to Make Home Furniture Legs with Tube Taper Machine and Cone Square Machine?

Now the answer is simple. Mingyi’s tube taper machines and cone square machines can solve the problems efficiently.

The following video will show you how the two machines work actively in furniture legs production.


The square shape is a common design for the legs of modern furniture, and sometimes the furniture design may have some changes, like tapering the square shapes.

Then our metal pipe processing machine will work to produce this type of metal pipe to make legs for tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.

Use tube taper machine forms the round pipes into taper shapes, and then the cone square machine processes them into taper square shapes.

If you are interested in metal pipe processing machines for furniture manufacturing, just contact us for more advice!

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