Metal Pipe Cutting Machine Processing Chair Table Cabinet Legs

  • Hydraulic feeding and clamping
  • Shape of fixture ensures finished products get same cutted
  • Maximal forming length up to 750mm for the double head pipe cutting machine and unlimited for the single head type, possible processing range reaches φ10mm-φ76mm, suitable for most chair, table and cabinet legs cutting
  • Accurate cutting brings clean incisions

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· Available Finished Product Sample

Want to cut metal pipes having special shapes? We will provide professional advice!

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· Technical Parameter

Applicable Material Aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel, steel
Machine Model Single Head Double Head
Processing Range (mm) φ10-φ76
Workpiece Thickness (mm) 0.3-2.0
Molding Length (mm) unlimited 50-750
Size of Saw Blade (mm) 325 (diameter), 25.4 (internal control)
Speed of Saw Blade (r/min) 350
Main Motor (kw) 7
Loading Method Hydraulic
Oil Pressure (mpa) 2-4
Capacity of Fuel Tank (l) 55
Total Weight of Equipment (kg) 500

· Details of Machine

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