The workshop of Foshan Mingyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Pre-Sale Service

  1. We provide you with professional guidance and technical advice on machinery technology.
  2. We provide relevant procurement advice based on your equipment usage environment and requirements.

After-Sale Service

  1. Provide machine instruction manual, basic production and installation drawing, circuit drawing, gas supply drawing, and power supply drawing.
  2. The warranty period is 12 months. After purchasing the machine, no matter the age, if you have technical problems, you can contact our technical sales.
  3. During the warranty period, if the parts are damaged under normal use, they will be replaced free of charge. When the warranty period has expired and the parts are damaged, the costs of parts and transportation will be charged, and the transportation of the parts will be arranged in time.
  4. When the machine fails in the process of use, you can contact our technical sales at any time. Send us the video of the machine failure, and we will provide a solution within 12 hours after receiving the video.
Our R&D team is focusing on the innovation of our metal tube processing machine products.
Our R&D team is designing the pipe forming machines to suit the customization.

Customization Possible

Found no suitable size of machine or mold for you? Don’t worry! All of our machines and molds are customizable. Tell us the size you need, and after the estimate, we will respond to you whether the customization is possible.

Need more help?

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