The 51st CIFF in Guangzhou

 The 51st China International Furniture Fair (the 51st CIFF) was held from 28th to 31st March 2023 in Guangzhou, and we attended this great exhibition excitedly with our representative products: tube taper machine, forming machine, and various furniture feet.

We were communicating with the exhibitors at the 51st CIFF, who felt interested in our products: pipe processing machines & formed metal pipes.

In this busy exhibition, many exhibitors in the furniture manufacturing industry came to our booth, attracted by our practical machines and pretty furniture feet.

To these curious exhibitors, our salespersons explained the features and advantages of our products, and our professional engineers also demonstrated how the machines work.

Many of them were surprised at the efficiency and practicality of our pipe processing machines, so they chose to discuss the details with us on-site and even scheduled the visit to our factory.

 Some business partners called on us too, and we conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions about the industry.

In live stream to introduce the products to viewers who didn't come to our booth

We also streamed on the first day of the exhibition to introduce our products online to the viewers who had not visited our booth yet. It also attracted many people in the exhibition to our booth.

Thanks to the exhibition, we fortunately met a lot of manufacturers and merchants and established business relationships with them. Our machines and furniture feet received attention and praise from exhibitors successfully. We hope we can have more opportunities to meet partners from all over the world.

Check our video about the 51st CIFF here!

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