The Highly Efficient Production of The Full Automatic Tube Taper Machine Makes You Satisfied.

If you are looking for a helper to take your furniture manufacturing business to the next level, our full automatic tube taper machine might be your good choice.

Compared with the manual and the semi-automatic type, the full automatic tube taper machine handles the pipe processing in a more efficient way.

The process procedures, no matter loading the raw materials, or forming the pipes, are fully automatic while keeping a high level of speed and accuracy in forming.

It takes approximately 5-10 seconds to form a pipe with the full-automatic tube taper machine, and the machine can process about 3000-4000 pipes per day.

The tapered furniture legs, made by pipe processing machines from Mingyi
The metal furniture legs processed by tube taper machine
The chair legs and their covers have tapered shapes

Therefore it is easy to operate. It requires minimal training and supervision but brings you efficient pipe processing. You only need to set the machine up, program it, prepare the original pipes, switch it on, then the machine works.

If you need a big amount of metal pipes with modern taper shapes to manufacture table or chair legs, then we believe that you can achieve your goals more smoothly with the full automatic tube taper machine.

The full automatic tube taper machine is also popular in our clients, since it is actually efficient and convenient for them to form metal pipes quickly. The following video will show you how the machine works in our client’s workshop.

Does the machine interest you? Check it on our website or contact us for more advice about the machine and how it can benefit your furniture or building decoration manufacturing business!

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