Embossing Square Twisting Machine

The embossing square twisting machine provides three forming functions in one machine: twisting, squaring, and embossing, and it is more convenient for forming metal pipes into special shapes.

It is equipped with 2 strong servo motors, making the forming more efficient: the machine can form at least 300 tubes with 6-meter lengths per day.

It is an ideal pipe processing equipment for building decoration accessories manufacturing, such as handrails, balusters, and other decorative pipes.

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· Technical Parameter

Applicable Material Iron, stainless steel
Machine Size (mm) 8000*700*1500
Voltage (V) 380
Frequency (Hz) 50
Processing Range (mm) ∅25-∅76
Workpiece Thickness (mm) 1.2-2.5
Molding Length (mm) 6000
Molding Time (s) 180
Main Motor (kw) 26
Pulling Motor (kw) 11 (servo motor)
Oil Pressure Station Motor (kw) 5.5
Packing Size (mm) 8300*1000*1800
Total Weight of Equipment (kg) 2000

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· Available Finished Product Sample

The customization of molds is available. Contact us for more information!

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