Embossing Square Twisting Machine

  • The embossing square twisting machine provides three forming functions in one machine: twisting, squaring, and embossing, and it is more convenient for forming metal pipes into special shapes.
  • It is equipped with 2 strong servo motors, making the forming more efficient: the machine can form at least 300 tubes with 6-meter lengths per day.
  • It is an ideal pipe processing equipment for building decoration accessories manufacturing, such as handrails, balusters, and other decorative pipes.

Embossing Square And Twisting Machine

Tapering Tube Product Application Scenarios

The Customization of molds is available. Contact us for more information

  • Technical Paramete
Applicable MaterialIron, stainless steel
Machine Size (mm)8000*700*1500
Voltage (V)380
Frequency (Hz)50
Processing Range (mm)∅25-∅76
Workpiece Thickness (mm)1.2-2.5
Molding Length (mm)6000
Molding Time (s)180
Main Motor (kw)26
Pulling Motor (kw)11 (servo motor)
Oil Pressure Station Motor (kw)5.5
Packing Size (mm)8300*1000*1800
Total Weight of Equipment (kg)2000
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